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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. HoopleNhotdi
Member since: 09/25/03
Certified Genuine
Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi

Mail History Drinks
He:  57   6'0   245
She: 54   5'6   275
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Last Online:
610 days ago
Interest Levels
Tame 4 on a scale of 0-4     Couples 3 on a scale of 0-4
Moderate 4 on a scale of 0-4     Males
Wild 4 on a scale of 0-4     Females
Desired Age Range
35 to 70
Other Info
  • Drinkers OK
  • No Smokers
    Dining out, chat, adult naughtyness and soft swing???

    Short Tag Line:
    Dining out, chat, adult naughtyness and soft swing???

    I/We are looking for
    We play at couples parties only, never alone with solo single guys.

    Fun times 'out on the town' (dinner, drinks and more) with other like minded couples is presently our big thrill! When we swing we prefer that the woman is bisexual as hotdi and I both love the play that results of it. When required hotdi can be straight for ladies that find bisexual action unpleasant. Some of our best swinging experiences have been as a sixsome (3 M/F couples together) at our favorite members only swing club Beginnings with friends. We enjoy some lighter kinks too like sex in the great outdoors and nights out where the 'action' is in view, loving and playful (not x rated) at local eateries.

    Describe Yourself:
    We met for the first time on December 27, 1998. To most of you that means we were in the same place at the same time. Well, welcome to the 21st Century. We met in a video chat conference room on the internet. Yes, we are two of those weirdoes. We spent a LONG time just being friends. We shared our thoughts and dreams and one of us (or both of us) avoided the obvious and wouldn't say YES to meeting in person. On June 9, 2001 at the restored Revolutionary War Village at Waterloo New Jersey we finally met. It was kismet and we have been inseparable ever since.

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    We want to try at some point in the future hotel room exhibitionism.

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    We have on occasion done "G" rated swinger 'orientation' meetings with couples about to explore swinging when they need questions answered by real people. These are the exception rater than the rule. We want to try 'Same room' (or blanket outdoors) sex again with other couples that doesn't necessarily end up in swinging play. hotdi wants to try to do this again at our local nude beach. We tried it once in Vermont at the nude beach there and it was hot!